One of the most important aspects of being part of Alair is the incomparable support each gives and receives. These come in more shapes and forms than could possibly be described here but some of the highlights include:

Daily one-on-one

Every day, in , you will hear of one owner helping another solve a challenging situation or simply providing a sounding board for an idea of how to address a complex issue. It’s no wonder why builders and remodelers that have partnered with Alair will say they feel like they have 100 or more  being part’s a 24/7 mastermind. 
 Weekly Training Roundtables

Just about every day of the week, business owners, project managers and other Alair team members are welcome and encouraged to join roundtable training sessions. These include project management academy sessions, software training, leadership, sales trainings, remodeling roundtables, developer, and market partner business strategies, weekly all partner masterminds, and many more. These peer group sessions allow all of us to tap into hundreds of years of combined experience as “iron sharpens iron”.  And there is never a concern about sharing the most valuable insider knowledge because nobody is competing, even those of us who share the same markets and even same address.   

Monthly Regional Sessions

Whereas Alair is one team with one vision, we are organized around geographical regions. Every month all business owners, project managers and other Alair team members meet to discuss and share opportunities, learn about new supplier offerings, celebrate personal and professional wins and simply enjoy one another’s company. These monthly regional sessions have been where ideas such as #alaircares, #teamalair, #alairloveslocal and so many other regional and community engagement programs that Alair is rapidly becoming famous for were seeded and launched.

Quarterly Super-Session Retreats

Every quarter we hold a super-session retreat. This is where many Alair business owners and team members from different regions all over north America come together in an off-site retreat environment and work on developing next generation ideas and strategies. These organized yet highly informal sessions are the epitome of leadership brainstorm events designed to move the organization to the next level at a velocity no other format could provide. We love being around each other, cooking meals together, and just hanging out like good friends do. We often invite potential future Alair owners to these super-session retreats so they can decide for themselves if they want to be part of the unique family culture that is Alair. Fair warning though, if invited, be prepared to be given a task that may include the wearing of an apron because everyone pitches in just like a family at a beach house rental would do.  

 In the recent past, these sessions have been held in Banff Alberta, Vancouver Island, Savannah, Orlando, Houston, South Carolina, the lake regions of Ontario, southwest Florida, among others.  They are usually timed around exciting events such as F1 races, deep water fishing events, golf tournaments and so on.  

 Alair’s Annual International Conference

Held each year in spring/early summer, Alair’s annual conference is the capstone of all our events. Hosted in different location each year, this event brings together all members of the Alair ownership family, spouses, kids and home office teams. Typically held over 3 days, events include speaker sessions, training events, team activities and whole bunch of fun. The event culminates in our formal award ceremony where even the most casual put on their best formal wear and dance the night away celebrating all that is life at Alair.