Game Planning for Renovation Success

Game Planning for Renovation Success

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Home renovations can transform your house into a thing of beauty. If you decide to pursue a home renovation, you need to game plan for success.

A former Edmonton Eskimo and 2013 Grey Cup winning champion as a Saskatchewan Roughrider, Alair Homes Edmonton partner, Graeme Bell is no stranger to game planning.

Bell says much like on the football field when game planning for renovation success you need to have a cohesive team with a strong offense.

“The most successful jobs are successful on paper before putting them into practice. The smallest details can have the biggest impact,” says Bell.

The same procedures and analytics should be followed for a small scale or major renovation. However, the length of planning will be different depending on the type of project.

He stresses that it’s important to hire a business before a contractor. You want a company that has proven longevity in the industry.

“On the field, you always have to have a contingency plan for every probable situation. The same goes for home renovations,” adds Bell.

Game planning tips for successful renovations

  1. Build trust and do your research. It’s important to make sure the company you are planning to hire has been in business for more than a couple years. Ask for references from the past and current clients. It’s also a good idea to confirm there are no lawsuits pending against the company you are considering to hire.
  2. Hold your renovation company accountable. From tiles to faucets to waterproofing – everything that’s going into your home needs to be defined.
  3. Plan for the unknown. One of the biggest complaints in the industry is timing and budget of a project. Unexpected issues can arise. Always understand how your contractor has planned for the unexpected using a timeline and financial contingency.

Build confidence in your home renovation company

Every detail counts. Ensure the renovation company explains their processes and game plan for your project including budget. There should be a play-by-play from start to finish.

Ask about the skill set of trades people that will be working in your home. Gaining knowledge about the entire team will help build confidence. Like on the football field, the best teams have valuable first, second and third line players who help accomplish the overall goal.

Renovation payment structure

A well-organized company will have an accounting system in place for projects. Companies sometimes deal with multiple trade contractors that will need payment in layers throughout the job.
Never pay the full amount for your home renovation upfront. There will need to be some financial commitment, usually around 10 -15 percent.

Communication helps lead to a winning project

Renovation companies can re-invent some amazing spaces in your home, but you need to work together. If you feel any changes need to be made voice your opinion to the project manager. You should be happy with every aspect of your renovation and the renovation company should feel the same way.

At Alair Homes we can guarantee true transparency in home design, building, and renovations.

We have the ability to share timelines, costs and any project changes through our online system. For years, we have executed projects from custom home building, remodeling, and major renovations. Each project continues to be handled with dedication and commitment.

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