Our Story

The Accidental Franchise

Founded in British Columbia, Canada in 2007, by Blair McDaniel, privately-owned Alair spread its wings into the franchising world in 2012. As a custom home builder serving a very discerning client base, Blair faced the challenge of sustainably scaling his business, without diluting the characteristics that had driven his success in the early years. After trying a few different approaches, he formed a unique partnership agreement with another builder. With a high level of alignment in their mission, values, and goals, they consolidated their teams and collaborated closely on refining their systems and processes. In looking to replicate this, they realized they were effectively running a franchise, thus the Alair legacy began.

Today, Alair has the largest footprint of any premium custom home building and large-scale renovation/remodeling brand in the world. The core purpose of Alair is to bring together the leading custom builders and remodelers across North America under one brand, one team, and one vision. We’ve accomplished this by leveraging a first-of-its-kind franchise model. The result is a platform that allows our partners to collaboratively build the highest reward, lowest risk, and most valuable construction companies in the world without sacrificing autonomy or equity.