To Have or Not to Have: Client Control™

To Have or Not to Have: Client Control™

Now that’s a good question! When beginning a search for the right builder there are lot of factors to consider. Different clients have different priorities. For some the highest priority may be a fair price, or high quality or even great reputation, which are all great qualities in the builder of your dream home!

But something that we here at Alair also discuss a lot (that many future clients had not considered), is the value and peace of mind of having a builder that offers Client Control™ Construction Management. It’s different from how many builders operate, and we get a lot of questions about it. So, we thought we would answer a few of the most common ones here.

What is Client Control™ Construction Management anyway?

It’s both a process and a philosophy.  Our philosophy is that our clients deserve full transparency and control when building a home.   We work with our clients to understand their goals for the project, their lifestyle and their personal taste. This helps us to make targeted, educated recommendations. Through our process, a client will understand everything that is going into their house, defining each selection and the cost up front.

Each client is also privy to detailed information surrounding the construction of their home. Accessing this information anytime is simplified with the use of our proprietary online system. Review budgets, make materials selections, consider sub-contractors and monitor the timeline or inspections anywhere and anytime. With use of this system, clients take the lead and are always in control.

Why is this important?

Put simply, it’s peace of mind. You should certainly hire us for our expertise in project management and execution, but what separates us from the rest of the industry (other builders) is our emphasis on you – the client. We want you to enjoy and feel in control of the process all along the way. Less sleepless nights worried about your project, means more raving fans on move in day!

Yeah, that’s nice, but what is your estimated cost per square foot?

We know that may be how our industry usually approaches projects, but we believe there is a better way. We are not serving our clients well by the typical “estimate my project then select a builder” model.  We are setting our clients and the builder up to fail.

Consider how long you’ve been thinking about your new home and all of the details you have in your head. Have you had the time to make sure each builder estimating your project understands your details and is incorporating them into your budget?

At Alair Homes Houston, we believe empowering and helping our clients to build their own budgets enables them to make trade-offs and informed decisions about how they want to spend their money. Ultimately, this leads to a much better outcome for all!

Have more questions? Comment below or give us a call. We would love to speak with you more about how our Client Control™ Construction Management could be the difference maker in your next project!

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